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Email Signature Solutions for Corporate Identity

Built by Entrepreneurs

sigbop was started in 2012 to help forward-thinking businesses be more proactive in their communications by giving them a sophisticated email marketing and analytics tool.

Our plugin and extension tools start with an email signature and deliver far more value than just static text and graphics.

As a new dynamic for helping small and medium-size businesses, as well as enterprise organizations, sigbop breaks through the clutter of traditional email, enabling them to compete at a higher level. This transforms your communications into visually branded, interactive statements that employ the latest technology to make emails do more.

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Email Signature and Email Tracking Solutions

For Entrepreneurs wanting to take control of their business image

Are you frustrated by employees, each marketing their own personal brand?

I'm sure you've seen it. Emails sent from employees with signatures or tag-lines that do not properly convey your corporate identity. Or perhaps worse, they embellish their titles, forget legal disclaimers, use their personal email address, etc.

That is just one reason sigbop why was started.

Providing a complete solution, sigbop enforces a solid corporate identity, with compliance and tracking in every email communication. We stand behind our ideas to help business professionals put their best foot forward.

Employing a patented, intelligent approach that can be easily modified throughout your entire organization in a matter of clicks.
With just one tool, we're helping businesses compete through a different paradigm. When challenging the status quo, saving time and effort means everything. For competitive enterprises, we offer robust features that can be built to fit to your complex requirements.

Manually managing email signatures is time consuming

From Entrepreneurs to Enterprise Corporations...

If you've got a company with anything more than just a few employees, manually setting-up and managing each user's signature take a lot of time. And if you've got any remote-employees, that management becomes an almost impossible black hole of lost time. Time that could be better spent adding true value to your company and better serving the needs of your customers is wasted on a mundane tasks.

Are your employees ignoring your branding guidelines?

Entrepreneurs and Corporations have better things to do than babysit employee signatures.

Almost every business will spend a lot of money to design and maintain their business image. This includes logos, fonts, colors and slogans or word-marks to draw attention to the brand. When your employees make up their own signatures, they have control of what your business image portrays.
Is that something that you really want?

Time is a precious resource. Stop wasting it.

Entrepreneurs, Small Startups and Enterprises all have the same amount of it.

With the push of a button you can add Banner images, Special Events, and News links right into all of your employee signatures. If the date changes or you need to display updated news articles, this can happen in a few minutes, with very little effort.
No longer will you have to inform all your employees that IT is coming around to update signatures; it just happens automatically.

With the sigbop Signature software, you can:

  • Easily implement standard disclaimers
  • Track email messages and get notifications
  • Track linked documents and get notifications
  • Get analytic reports and charts summarizing the results
  • Save countless hours each time you update your message.
  • Have consistent branding, including Logos and slogans

Control my image.

Build my brand