Your First Signature

After you click the validation link into the account activation email that we sent you when you signed up, you’ll be able to login to the sigbop website using your credentials. When you sign in, you’ll be brought to the “Your Signatures” listing screen, similar to the one shown below.

Your Signatures

Editing Your Email Signature

To edit one of your signatures, CLICK the EDIT icon which appears to the right-hand side of the box surrounding your signature name (“My First Signature”).  When the editor appears, you’ll notice that the screen layout is slightly different from the new user’s signature wizard and that there are a few extra buttons along the top of the Icon-Bar.

signature icon bar

Creating a Map-Link For Your Business

When you CLICK the MAP button in the Icon-Bar, the following options will be displayed.

mapping your business

NOTE: In order for the mapping to work properly, you’ll need to provide a complete street address for your place of business.  If you’re running a business out of your home, but want to appear larger than you are, we suggest that you do NOT use this option, and only fill in the CITY and STATE of your business location. Another example might be for a farm, where the farm’s address IS your home address, AND you want people to know where it is so they can come and buy products from you, THEN you’d want to fill in your address and activate the mapping.  As a general rule of thumb, if people can walk off the street and into your place of business, you should put the map functionality into your signature so your new customers that are perhaps traveling to you for their first time, can click the MAP from your signature and get directions.

Link Address to Map

Depending on your location and the state of the search providers, Google or Bing may provide better mapping to your business location. You may select the map provider that displays the best results for your business.

Display Address as 2 lines

This is entirely a personal preference. You may have your address display as 1 line in your signature, or separate the address from the city, state and zip codes.

2 line address


1 line address

Map Icons: Size, Color and Position.

You may choose 1 of 12 different colors for your map pin-point to display in your signature, as well as its size and location next to your address.  The smaller map icons work better with a 1-line address, and the larger map icons were designed to be used with a 2-line address. You may place the map pinpoint to the LEFT of your address, or to the RIGHT. If you decide NOT to have a map pinpoint shown, set the location to NONE and it will not be displayed.

signature map icon size


signature map icon color


map point location

Setting up Links to BLOG Articles

CLICK on the ARTICLE button in the Icon-Bar to display a small edit window allowing you to enter the Title of your article and the URL (link-location) where the signature will jump to when the title is clicked.

Link to Blog

After you enter BOTH the TITLE and the LINK URL, your email signature preview will update to display the most recent changes to your signature. It takes about 5-10 for the refresh to complete.

Removing an Article LINK

If you wish to remove an article link that appears in your email signature, blank out the title and destination URL, wait a few seconds, and your signature preview will refresh and display an updated

realtor email signature


Inserting Campaign Banner Ads

Your sigbop custom email signature is a very powerful marketing tool. With it, you can add campaign banner images into your signature, creating a vivid call to action that will be displayed on all of your emails.  CLICKs on campaign images and destination URLs are tracked in your signature’s detailed analytics.

As a general rule of thumb, when you insert a campaign banner, you do not want to make it wider than your actual signature, and you don’t want to make it too tall as to overpower the entire signature, and/or annoy anyone getting an email from you because your signature is so large.

The campaign banner image that you insert into your signature should be created in a Paint Shop or Photoshop -like program, to create the cleanest, crispest image possible for your marketing campaign. The process of how to create such an image is far outside the scope of this article and if you have any questions, its best to contact someone in your marketing department, as they would probably be the group creating such content for your signature.

That being said, let’s continue with the process of putting a campaign banner into your signature.
When you click the Banner button in the Icon-Bar, the following edit panels appear:

signature campaign banners

CLICK in the dark-gray area to select a new banner image to be loaded for your signature campaign. Just like loading your logo, browse the files on your computer to select the image you want to use for your banner and then click Save Changes.

Banner Upload Editor

Next you need to fill-in the Destination URL. Your signature will not display the campaign banner without having a valid URL. This tells the editor where you would like the recipient to be taken when that image is clicked.

Signature Banner Destination

Once the destination is populated, your signature preview will refresh.

Email Signature With Banner Ad

Remember, you want to keep your signature as clean and simple as possible so it’s easily understood by your clients. Try to keep the color variations to a minimum. So, in the above example, it might make more sense for the Article link to be shown in a shade of blue, so it better blends with the sky in the campaign image.

Signature Color Themes

Finally, you have the ability to setup a disclaimer in your email signature. To begin, click the Disclaimer button in the Icon-Bar and you’ll see the panel refresh similar to the one shown below:

Signature Disclaimer Setup

Enter in the text that you want to have for your disclaimer, and press Enter. In about 5-10 seconds, the signature will refresh. NOTE: It doesn't refresh any faster to reduce flickers and simplify the user experience.

Signature With Disclaimer

When you are happy with your changes, click the SAVE button located at the bottom of the screen. You will then be able to use your new signature in pretty much any email client that supports HTML-based signatures.


Sometimes you need to have more than 1 signature; you work for different departments, or perhaps have run multiple businesses. In either case, many times you don’t want to start over when creating your 2nd or 3rd signature.  At the bottom of the signature editor screen  is a button that will help you do just that:  DUPLICATE SIGNATURE.  Click that button to  take all of your existing settings and copy them to a new signature where you can start making adjustments and build a custom signature variation.

You will be asked for a name for this new signature. Assign a name and click Ok.

Save Signature As

You will then see this new signature appear in your list.

Your Signature List

You can then EDIT this new signature, make changes to it and have an alternate signature to use. Using the Icon-Bar, make the adjustments to the signature that you need, and Save it as well.

Personal Fitness Coach

Creating Corporate Signatures

Creating individual signatures is fun, but you would not want to have to create dozens, let alone hundreds of signatures for all the employees of your company. That is where the sigbop centralized signature manager really comes into play.

If you have purchased multiple signature licenses, an additional button appears along the bottom of the signature editor screen, “Create Corporate Template”. Clicking this button will take all the basic setup information and copy it into a corporate email signature template, and start that editor.

The corporate editor allows you to easily re-order your social media icons. It also allows you to specify custom graphics to be used for each button and link in the signature.

The corporate editor contains powerful mail-merge like capabilities, which lets you create a signature template and have it automatically populate with the contact information of your employees.

corporate signature templates

More documentation on the corporate signature manager is available for those users that have purchased multiple signature licenses, enabling the corporate signature manager.