Designer Screen Overview

When you first start the Email Signature Creator, you will notice 4 distinct areas of the screen.

Email Signature Wizard

The uppermost area displays tips and suggestions about building your signature.

Email Signature Tips

The left-hand side of the screen is where you will enter the various contact information that you’d like to have displayed in your signature.

signature contact information

You can switch between Signature Info and Social Links by clicking the tabs at the top of that window region.

social media links

The icon-bar in the middle, right-hand side of the screen contains many of the Wizards signature controls for adjusting the look and feel of your signature.

Icon Bar for Signature Wizard

The lower, right-hand side of the screen contains a preview of the live updates of for signature, meaning that as you type and change certain properties of your signature, you can quickly see an updated snapshot of what your new email signature will look like.

Basic Setup

To begin building your signature, start by filling out that basic contact information that you’d like to have appear in your final signature. For example, if you’re running a home-based business, don’t feel compelled to fill out your street address, just fill in your City, State and Zip Code.  Likewise, if you’re in sales, your cell phone number is very important to you and your sales: Make sure you fill in your cell phone number so it appears in your signature!

email signature preview

Social Links

Click on the tab for social links and fill out the URLs (web site links) for the social media sites that you’d like to display in your signature. Displayed In each field is a sample of where each social media site end-user profile would typically be linked.  Samples shown are in USA format.  To update, simply copy and paste the URL for each valid social media profile into the corresponding entry field. If you do not use a given social media site, you may leave it blank.  Signatures that do not change the default/sample URL are automatically blanked-out upon being saved.

You can see below in the preview that the signature is beginning to take form.

social media buttons

Look and Feel

So now we’re ready to start personalizing the signature to really make it yours. We’ll start with the logo or photo. For example, with many companies, they like to brand their signature with their corporate logo and/or colors.  However, with almost all Realtors, they’d prefer to have their photo to personalize the communication.

Uploading Your Logo or Photo

Click the Logo Button in the Icon-bar. A new pop-up window will appear. Click the BROWSE button on the pop-up window, and select a photo (JPG or PNG) from your local computer or device that you’d to have appear in your email signature.  Once uploaded, click Save Changes.

upload your logo

The preview will then automatically update itself.

realtor email signature

If you click the LEFT or RIGHT arrows in the preview window, the Signature Wizard will switch templates to a different signature layout, and present to you a new signature preview with all of your previously entered information in the new format.

Another way of previewing and comparing multiple signature layouts side-by-side is to CLICK the LAYOUT button in the ICON-BAR.  When you do this, a new window will pop up (it may take 15-30 seconds depending on your connecting speed) that has 30 of our most popular signature formats laid out for your comparison.

signature template preview

Not only can you do comparisons from this view, but if you CLICK on a signature layout, it will SELECT that layout for your signature and return you to the Signature Wizard to complete your changes.

Icon Sets

When you click the Icon Set button in the Icon-Bar, you are given a choice of different ready-made icons sets to use in your signature. Simply CLICK on the color and shape of the sample icon that you’d like to have appear in your signature, and all of the icons in your signature layout will be updated.

signature icon sets

Icon Size

You can adjust the size of the icons that are displayed in your signature by CLICKING the Icon Size button in the Icon-Bar.

email icon size

Adjusting Font Face, Size and Spacing.

By clicking Font Style, Font Size, and Spacing in the Icon-Bar, you can adjust the font type face and size that is displayed in your signature. Spacing allows you to adjust the height of the lines used in your signature to allow for better alignment with logos, photos, or icons.

signature font style

Creating Your Custom Signature

When your email signature is setup the way that you’d like, CLICK the button CREATE MY SIGNATURE to complete the process and save your settings. 


Only Activated accounts can log back-into the website and EDIT their Signatures.  In the full editor for personal signatures, there are a few other tools for creating MAP ICONS, creating signature CAMPAIGN BANNERS, creating links to ARTICLES for BLOG POSTS, and adding DISCLAIMERS to your email signature.

In the corporate editor, you can LINK to DOZENS of other social media sites that are not displayed in the new user’s signature wizard and create CUSTOM ICON SETs that match your corporate branding colors.