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HTML Email Signatures that brand and track your email marketing!

sigbop easily integrates with Outlook and Gmail, allowing you to promote your business and track campaigns and analyze the results.

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Email Tracking. Email Notifications.
Document Tracking. No Effort.

Get rid of those boring, default email signatures. Using sigbop, build your corporate identity into your email signature.
Choose a custom signature template, select a set of social media icons, upload your photo or logo and create the signature!
We make it easy to create a branded, social media launch-pad that drives traffic to your blogs, websites and product pages.

  • Corporate Identity

    Transform business emails into a sales and marketing tool with consistent email branding across all departments.

  • Email Tracking

    Tracking allows you to get email notifications that show when and where someone viewed one of your emails.

  • Campaign Analytics

    Measure return on investment with sophisticated analytics that provide insight into audience engagement with your email.

Send email. Start analyzing immediately.

sigbop's powerful analytics give you real-time access to see who is engaging with you.
Who is reading your emails? Who is opening attached documents, proposals and legal agreements?
Get the insight you need to maximize your business marketing and make better decisions.

Email Analytics: Send today and start Analyzing your results immediately!

Reach out to your contacts when you know that they've engaged with your messages.
If you're going to make the sale, you need to strike while the iron is hot.
Find out what your customer's pain-points are and offer solutions to take away the pain!

Email maps pinpoint locations showing when and where documents were opened.

Details of device type (PC, Phone, Tablet), Operating System and Browser (email client) are available.

Email Tracking Maps

Breach of contract? Don't be left guessing if your confidential email and documents were forwarded on to undisclosed recipients!

Email tracking, tracking images, or web-beacons are embedded deep within your signature, enabling a ton of analytic information to be gained.

Brand and Market your company.
Measure the Results. Make the Sale!

  • Atlanta Template
  • Atlanta Template
  • Boston Template
  • Broadway Template
  • Rocky Mountain Template
  • Cleveland Template

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