Custom designed HTML Templates ensure
correct email signature display

Our custom signature templates are tested across various operating systems, smart phones, and cross-browser/email-client to ensure your signature displays your branding properly.

sigbop works by employing a combination of cutting-edge tools that begins with a simple interface, that is easy to use for any business that wants greater control over their message.

Templates ensure your brand is being properly displayed. Special templates can be tweaked by division or department to convey the appropriate message.

Custom Design Template Layout

Building your email signature and brand identity

  • Create
  • Manage
  • Send
  • Analyze

Make your Email Signatures an informative launch-pad driving business through Social Media.

Email Branding Corporate Identity

Email Branding

Ensure a consistent look and feel that complies with business branding furthering your brand recognition.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Communicate immediate and dynamic messages containing promotions, product literature and special offers.

Email Analytics Business Data

Email Analytics

Understand where, when and how emails, links and content are opened, clicked and accessed by your audience.

Most press mentions of your company are usually buried in the About Us section of your website with limited views. The sigbop Signature Solution turns each email into a powerful Public Relations tool that features branded media links to articles and other online content, such as a blog. Increase followers, social awareness, readership and views of positive news stories.

Corporate Branding is embodied in your Business Email Signature

It represents what your customers expect from your company.

Your brand is WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and who you do it FOR.
The sigbop Email Signatures assist you with making your brand come alive and making it recognizable. You will no longer have a plain, static signature. Your business email signature will become a social media launch-pad, making more users aware of your social media presence, web and product offerings than you could believe. In a professional business, the employees in sales and support will usually send the most emails. Some studies show that number is between 125 and 250 per day, per employee.

This means more and more people will see it on a daily basis, helping expand its recognition.

Email Marketing Services

Now you can send better email yourself

Planning email marketing campaigns can be a pain, buying lists and segmenting your marketing messages.
We all know that the click-through and opens rates are relatively low for mass emails sent to unknown recipients. And we know that no one likes receiving spam.

What is lesser known, is that one of the best places to sell new products and services is to your existing customers.

With sigbop Email Signatures, you can build your own in-house marketing campaigns and track the results!

Email Analytics

Measuring the Campaign Engagement

You can send out a ton a email on your own, without any custom signature.

What you can't do easily? Track open, read, and click-through rates.
By including the sigbop Email Signature in your email, you can gain valuable insight into the emails you send.

Define my Market

Market my Brand

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