Increase Social Traffic

By including social media buttons in your signature you will increase your social media traffic by exposing your sites to more users each day with every email that is sent.

Even going a step further, we actually track those clicks and can report them to you. Additionally, for business use, we can let you know which signature campaign, which department, or which employee is driving the most traffic your sites.

Market Your Products

They say that the easiest sale to make is one to an existing customer who already knows and trusts you.
By including news releases or banner photos of new product images and information, you will be increasing exposure of your products to already paying customers. You will be surprised with how many existing customers don't know about all of your products and services. And once they do, your sales stream will increase!

And Track Results

Learn what logos are being clicked on. See what banner images are drawing more traffic into my website. Find out what types of devices my recipients are using when they read my emails. This will help me craft better emails to my customers!

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