Email Templates Gallery, Our Signature Collection by sigbop

Signature Templates Gallery

Dozens of custom email signature designs are available!

Below are just a few samples showing the types of custom email signatures we have built.
Within each signature layout you can add custom logos and/or photos, setup disclaimers, and customize hyper-links to your blogs and social media sites.

We have over 12 social media icon-sets available and each set has various buttons sizes defined for your use.
In addition, once registered, you can upload your own custom icons-sets for your signature!

Patented Email Signature Creation Process. Other patents pending.

The process of signature creation and distribution by sigbop allows you to easily roll-out your branded-signature into companies of any size.

The sample email signatures shown below are literally the tip of the iceberg. Designs are only limited by your imagination.
Premium packages include a custom-designed signature template for Enterprise solutions.

The original template concept in gray-scale... has email signatures come to life in full-color!
Gray Scale Signature Template Atlanta
Sample Email Signature Atlanta
Gray Scale Signature Template Boston
Sample Email Signature Boston
Sample Email Signatures using the Brandywine and Buffalo Signature Templates
Gray Scale Signature Template Brandywine
Sample Email Signature Brandywine
Gray Scale Signature Template Buffalo
Sample Email Signature Buffalo
Email Signatures can include news articles, banner images, or links to Google Maps
Gray Scale Signature Template Catalina
Sample Email Signature Catalina
Gray Scale Signature Template Chicago
Sample Email Signature Chicago

Too many companies let their employees randomly create their own business email signature.
Each employee email signature becomes an important part of your corporate identity.
Too often, this has disastrous results; conveying the wrong message.

Personalize your business signature with any slogans or recognized word-marks
Gray Scale Signature Template Detroit
Sample Email Signature Detroit
Gray Scale Signature Template Grayscale
Sample Email Signature Boston
By branding your email signature, you make your company image jump off the page!
Gray Scale Signature Template Green Bay
Sample Email Signature Green Bay
Gray Scale Signature Template Indianapolis
Sample Email Signature Indianapolis
Import Business Logos or Professional Photos into your business Email Signature
Gray Scale Signature Template Lafayette
Sample Email Signature Lafayette
Gray Scale Signature Template Las Vegas
Sample Email Signature Las Vegas

Many business professionals spend most of their day at their desk sending email communications.
Their emails become the face of the company, the calling card of the employee.
Does their calling card portray the right business image for your company?

Colors that are specific to your brand can be fully integrated into the email signature
Gray Scale Signature Template Metropolis
Sample Email Signature Metropolis
Gray Scale Signature Template New Jersey
Sample Email Signature New Jersey
Having a consistent logo in your email signature will help with immediate brand recognition!
Gray Scale Signature Template Pasadena
Sample Email Signature Pasadena
Gray Scale Signature Template Princeton
Sample Email Signature Princeton
Need a custom email signature template? No problem. Contact us!
Gray Scale Signature Template Quebec
Sample Email Signature Quebec
Gray Scale Signature Template San Francisco
Sample Email Signature San Francisco

No one likes searching for phone numbers or email addresses needed to contact the business product or service they are working with.
By linking key communications channels into your business email signature, you make it easier for your customers to contact you.
By making it easier for your customers to contact you, you make it easier for them to 'like' you as well.

You can upload your own custom icons for any of the signature action buttons.
Gray Scale Signature Template Saratoga
Sample Email Signature Saratoga
Gray Scale Signature Template Scranton
Sample Email Signature Scranton
Your email signature could link to your news blog or link to schedule an appointment with you!
Gray Scale Signature Template Shrewsbury
Sample Email Signature Shrewsbury
Gray Scale Signature Template Talladega
Sample Email Signature Talladega
Expand your social media footprint by turning your email signature into a launch-pad to your sites.
Gray Scale Signature Template Tallahassee
Sample Email Signature Tallahassee
Gray Scale Signature Template Toronto
Sample Email Signature Toronto

Don't leave your image to chance.

Don't let your employees define your image.

Make a GREAT impression every time!

Control my image.

Build my Brand