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When I select gallery then select a card I like.
It asks for account info I input the information
The I put in the signature info
Then I put in the Social Links
I then select Create Signature
It then confirms account info.
My email address is there already all I have to do is input my password
When I do a dialog box appears
There is already a registered user with this email address.

How do you save a template
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John Carling
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The new user wizard is currently, just for that.
I'm looking to integrate that concept with the full editor.
The full editor is a bit more powerful.

From your signatures, you can go edit, and add a new signature.
Give it a new name. Choose a new template (if desired). Templates are located on the bottom left hand side of the full editor.
Different templates have different layouts and widgets (features) enabled.

With a Platinum license, we can custom design a template if one of the existing templates doesn't fit your needs.
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