custom designed email signature

An HTML email signature for the 21st century

Convert your static, text email signature into a dynamic, visually branding statement. It takes only minutes to create. Your new signature is now a digital business card that acts as a launch pad into your social media websites.

Show your colors, increase your brand awareness and tell your story!

Social Media Icon setsSocial Media Icons - Drive Traffic to your Brand

sigbop uses colorful visual icons to represent information about you and your business. Each icon is a link to more information. The visual nature of sigbop allows you to feature much richer information than a plain text format, and it does so in a concise format that is easy to use.

Signature and Campaign Analytics

Get results while learning habits about your target audience.

Email Campaign Analytics

Email and Document Tracking

Find out which emails and documents are gaining traction with your audience

Email and Document Tracking Statistics

Business Branding

Consistent branding helps solidify business image

  • Differentiate your business, products and services from competitors
  • Deliver and reinforce key corporate messages
  • Exceed customer expectations by driving authority and trust in your business
  • Drive customer loyalty

Don't leave your image to chance.

Don't let your employees define your image.

Make a GREAT impression every time!

Control my Image

Build my Brand